top things that’s cause big spikes

You want to get more revenue from AdsNetworks ? More money from Adsense?
Well this post its for you:
-Seasonal events: Big events cause Big Spikes, for example working for a keywords relative to World Championships in any kind of sports, at this event you will get huge traffic, not as every traffic, is a targeted traffic and that’s mean more money.
-New source of traffic: May you find another good source of traffic (free or paid),more of traffic means more of clicks.
-Someone famous/or big page share your url: That’s can happen if someone share your post or a page share your page for any reasons you will get a lot of traffic for few hours or few days and that will give you in back more money.
-Monetize your url: Monetize your url in bing ads or facebook with cheap CPC and CPM, will give you a spike, thats nead a good budget.
-Purchase Youtube channel or Facebook Page: on internet everything possible! you can purchase a page with a lot of fans or channel with many subscribers, if you use it well you can earn more.

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