Get high RPM for adsense

If you using Google adsense network may you notice RPM is too low, in fact they are a somethings to consider to get high rpm and more revenue from adsense

-You don’t have qualified traffic or enough traffic

Well this is a good thing to focus on you need qualified traffic, so what is that?
traffic source is important for example traffic from search engine is more qualified from direct, and traffic from other website qualified depend the website user come’s from
when you publish your website in other sites make sure where you do!
traffic from PTC or traffic exchange is no-recommended by TOS of adsense, so do not try to get traffic from any service like that.

-You don’t have a good content

A good content or anything can attract users and exclusive content makes your website/blog in top of search engine sites do not miss that!.Write good topics about what your visitors need to it depend on your website category!

-Your website’s category matching with content?

Almost your content must be in same category, not talking sometimes about sports sometimes foods sometimes anythings else, only one case you can do thats if your website for news and categories are separted!.

-Ads placement

Where you put ads in your page? well search in google about top place to put google ads

-Ads bloc size

Adsense offer you many ads sizes, when you choose try one of recommended ads

Recommended ads size
Recommended ads size

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