Best revenue sharing programs

Before talking about about best one, lets see what is a revenue sharing system: a rev share program is a pyramid earning system where 1% of users make fortune and 30% get there money back with small profit and other 69% they lose there money. The first thing you can read in Terms of use in any rev share program is earning not guarantee, and what is the guarantee there is a virtual product they serve, usually all products they serve are expensive compared to the market and not high quality products.
if you are in any program just ask your self how they will pay you in the next months, years? its impossible to stay for along term! lets do the math, for example if they give 30%, and total purchase/fund/deposit is 1,000,000$ (for total user) and they will give 30% means 300,000$, what about if the total fund is 10,000,000$ where can the 3,000,000$ can come from.

After you join any program you understand is only way to earn money from the system is to get users sign up under you as referrals if you stay in the pyramid base you will be from the 69% that they lose they money.
Thats not mean you can not make moeny from this system, but lets talk about the best revenue sharing is
The best rev share program is about you if you follow this:
-Make sure the system is new, maybe start 2 months ago with less than 4,000-7,000 users, then join and invest 1000$ per program, after few month that program will be have more than 20,000-50,000 users and system still growing, then start cashout all your earnings with profit like 1500$ or more.
If you can make 1000$ profit per program without any referrals in 3 months and without losing your money its amazing!, just remember, rev share program its not work well for “greedy” people because they like to see there profit in website growing fast, and they re-use 100% they earnings and not cashout anything because they want more and in the end they lose.
Also remember revenue sharing is not the only way to earn from internet, maybe its the good one if you can sponsor 100 users (investors) or more.
In the end let me tell you something, you can find good program where admins work hard using users money in good ways that make them pay to all users,and not all program like that.Be careful.



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